150 count


  • Avocado straws reduce the amount of oil that needs to be used since they are made out of reclaimed avocado seeds. Reclaimed avocado seeds come from the large scale processing of avocados.
  • Previously 300,000 tons of avocado pits were throw into landfills to dispose of them. Now we convert this byproduct into beautiful, functional cutlery. We call this process upcycling. By taking a discarded product and using it to make this cutlery we are increasing its value.
  • By using reclaimed materials, avocado seed straws and cutlery are significantly reducing the carbon footprint and fossil fuel necessary to produce cutlery.
  • Avocadostraws and cutlery have been highlighted by Forbes, Entrepreneur, Discovery Channel,Sierra Club and more as one of the top 5 new bioplastic innovations.

Avocado Straws (150 count)